Welcome to the 2011-2012 Playoffs and the Blueshirt Buzz presented by Geico.

This season has been epic and the entire Rangers community is anticipating an epic playoff run.  The fans in our community are such an important part of the New york Rangers family that we wanted to do something something equally epic for them, so we have selected 2 bleed-blue fans, Michael and Lindsay, to go to EVERY playoff game, home and away.  And we have given them full access to the Garden to explore the things that every fan dreams of: riding the Zamboni, checking out the Broadway hat, working the Blue Carpet, and hanging with our distinguished alumni during the games.  

You might recognize Michael from the Ultimate Rangers Fan contest; he was one of the final 4.  Michael was not happy he did not win the Ultimate Fan, but was ecstatic when he found out he was going to every game of the 2012 Playoffs.  

And we found Lindsay at the game vs Boston on April 1.  She is a true Rangers fan first who knows our team, our coach and our traditions.  

Michael and Lindsay are active on the boards so make sure to tell them what YOU want to see.  You may also see them hanging in the 400’s once the game starts, and if you meet them, you will know immediately that they are one of "us."

We can't give everyone an all-access pass, but we still want to bring you all with us to every game.  


And #LGR

Apr 12 - 6:35pm