A Year to Remember for The King

What a year it has been for Henrik Lundqvist. On the ice, 'The King' had his seventh 30-win season, made a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals and won his first Vezina Trophy as top goalie in the NHL. Off the ice, he won fashion awards, shredded on his guitar on a 'Late' show and, above all, became a dad.

"Last year was a great season, so much fun," Lundqvist told "This year, you have the lockout for four months, which was tough mentally to just be away from the game for that long. Now we're back and it's fun, even though it's been a bumpy start, and that's always a challenge to try to turn things around, but we will." 

Over the summer, Lundqvist and his wife, Therese, had their first child, Charlise. He said fatherhood has been wonderful.

"It's been a fun year, no question, and being a dad too is great," he said with a smile. "I enjoy it more and more."

When asked what he wanted for his 31st birthday, Lundqvist said nothing special, but just a relaxing dinner with his family.

Check out Hank's top moments on and off the ice since his last birthday, then tell us your favorite and wish The King a happy birthday in the comments.

Mar 2 - 6:43pm