Masks of a King

By: James Leppert — Rangers Fan Since '94

The goalie position is the one spot on the ice that allows hockey players to share their personality and sense of style, by showing off different mask designs. What Rangers fan could ever forget Gilles Gratton's tiger mask, Steve Valiquette's Spiderman-themed mask, Mike Richter's classic which feature the Statue of Liberty, or the one sported by John Vanbiesbrouck for a season that depicted bees buzzing around the hole (bees-ear ... Beezer!)?

Like his predecessors, current Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist has showcased his personality and style through a variety of different masks since landing on Broadway in the fall of 2005, masks that have routinely found ways to combine his Swedish heritage and allegiance to the Blueshirts.

Take a look at some of the goalie masks Henrik Lundqvist has worn since 2005, and then let us know below which one is your favorite and why.

Feb 15 - 8:40pm